At the lower end of the line is the Vapour Recovery Adaptor. The KFE has the Adaptor SK1976 which comes complete with Cap and three-way pneumatic valve. The adaptor is certified according to the European standard EN13081. It comes with sight glass for checking the presence of liquid fuel in the vapor line while in the lower part there is a drainage plug. Furthermore the design of Adaptor SK1976 ensures minimization of the pressure drop during the transfer process vapor.

SK1976 - Vapour Recovery Adaptor

Product Description

Designed to minimize pressure drop and maximize efficiency of the recovery of the vapours during stage 1A and 1B of the vapour recovery operations, this valve design is internationally recognized as the bench mark for poppeted vapour recovery adaptors.

– Robust Construction of the shell made of hardened aluminium alloy tested for shell strength at 25 bar

– TTMA 4” Flange 8 bolt fixing for secure fastening

– Conforms to European Standard EN 13081:2001 and API RP 1004:2003 for total compatibility with vapour recovery couplers.

– Viton Seals are standard for problem free service with high octane unleaded petrol and additives.

– Screw plug fitted to drain liquid from adaptor.

– 4” Cam & Groove adaptor according to CID-A-A-59326 specification.

– Level Indicator for inspection of the valve for liquid presence.

Technical Data

MAWP: 7 kPa
Adaptor Weight: 4 kgr
Test Pressure: 20 kPa


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Video Data

Technical Drawings
SK1976 Design View