ELAFLEX is a leading international specialist for refuelling equipment and safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids.

Their hoses, fittings, couplings, expansion joints and nozzles have been setting standards, since 1923. They provide quality engineered, durable products. A sound investment both in terms of performance and total lifetime cost benefits.

We support you with original rubber hoses from the ELAFLEX™.

With hoses from ELAFLEX you simply make the right choice. As they are used for dangerous goods we acknowledge responsability for our products. You only get Premium Quality from ContiTech Germany, exclusively made for ELAFLEX. You will NOT get internationally sourced no-name hoses branded as own products. The large hose stock, comprising of all commonly used types from the catalogue, is available in sizes DN 9 mm up to DN 200 mm, for petroleum based products, L.P. Gas, chemicals, pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs. There are three prerequisites for a perfect hose assembly: suitability and quality of the components, their compatibility with each other and professional assembling.

Products that we provide you with.

Refuelling Hoses

Fuelling Hoses without Helix “Yellow Band”

Tank Truck Hoses with Helix “Yellow Band”

Speciality Hoses

  • L.P. Gas Hoses “Orange Band” without Helix

Chemical, Pharma and Universal Hoses

  • ELAFLON PLUS FEP Universal Hose

We support you with original fittings from the ELAFLEX™.

Looking for Good Connections?

Above you can see some examples of our versatile range of fittings. We manufacture quality hose fittings that you can rely on. Standards-conforming, optimal compatibility with ELAFLEX hoses, and if required professionally assembled on your hose.

The Hoses that we provide you with have :

  • Good qualified advice from our sales departments
  • Excellent value for money
  • Many items available from stock
  • Safe by design concept, enables safe no fuss hose assembly
  • Permanent leak proof attachment
  • High operational safety
  • Durable brand quality
  • Ergonomic and practical design
  • Designed to meet official standards

Products that we provide you with.

Hose Fittings Ferrule Type

  • Female Hose Couplings
  • Male Hose Couplings

SPANNFIX and SPANNLOC Hose Fittings with Thread

  • Male Hose Couplings with SPANNLOC
  • Female Hose Couplings with SPANNLOC
  • Special Hose Couplings

SPANNFIX and SPANNLOC Flanged Hose Fittings

  • Flanged Hose Fittings with SPANNLOC DN 19-65

We support you with original Delivery Nozzles from the ELAFLEX™.

ERV for Flexible Connections.

Rubber Expansion Joints (compensators) are used as flexible connectors within pipe systems. Based on the German expression „Elastische Rohrverbinder“ the type brand ERV® is being used. ERV expansion joints from Elaflex are moulded single sphere type rubber bellows with swiveling metal flanges. Their construction and lengths (installation sizes) have since become internationally recognised standard.

Problem Solvers within Pipe Systems :

  • ERV are distinguished by a large axial, lateral and angular range of allowable movement, low reaction forces and low inherent resistance.
  • ERV are used to absorb tensions caused by temperature changes (thermal expansion), and equalize structural settling such as basement subsiding or ground movements.
  • ERV are suitable as a pipe insert / expansion piece to facilitate inspections
  • ERV are perfect noise dampeners and ideally qualified to reduce vibrations. The major part of the piping‘s structure-borne noise and the low-frequency noise generated by fluids is eliminated.
  • ERV also serve to equalise assembly inaccuracies. If ERV are provided for during the planning phase there will be less problems during installation caused by inaccuracy.

Products that we provide you with.

ERV Rubber Expansion Joints

  • YELLOW BAND Expansion Joints
  • ORANGE BAND Expansion Joints