We provide you with Chemical Tanker Products from FORT VALE™.


300mm Ultra Low Profile EN Pendle
Inspection Hatch Assembly

300mm Ultra Low Profile Inspection Hatch Assembly – 4 point fastening double skin cover. 8mm thick pressed neck/compensating ring profiled to suit tank radius range from 850 to 1220mm. Contact parts manufactured in 316 stainless steel. Stainless steel swingbolts with naval brass handnuts. Seal supplied separately. Options – Stainless steel swingbolts with either stainless steel handnuts or low profile stainless steel/brass composite handnuts.


Weight 19.8 Kg *See Note
Design Pressure (MAWP) 4 Bar (58 PSI)
Test Pressure 6 Bar (87 PSI)
Design Temperature -40°C to 200°C
(-40°F to 392°F)
*NB Above data varies according to specification
Manlid cover 703/0600P approved to BS EN14025

500mm Pendle 3 Bar Manlid/ Deep Pressed Neck Assembly

500mm Pendle Manlid Assembly – 6 point double skin manlid cover, hinged to open to 135°. Deep pressed neck/compensating ring, 51mm in height, profiled to suit a tank radius of between 850mm and 1220mm. To suit a MAWP of 3 Bar. Contact parts manufactured in 316 stainless steel with stainless steel swingbolt assemblies. Seal supplied separately.


Weight 42 Kg *See Note
Design Pressure (MAWP) 3 Bar (43.5 PSI)
Test Pressure 4.5 Bar (65.25 PSI)
Design Temperature Range -40°C to 200°C
(-40°F to 392°F)
Approved to BS EN14025
Note : Weight varies according to specification.


2” Pneumatic Blacko Ball Valve

2” Pneumatically Operated Air Inlet Ball Valve – inlet flange drilled 4 x 18mm holes on a 125mm PCD; outlet flange 4 x 18mm open slots on a 120.7mm minimum PCD to suit 2” ASA 150/DIN50 PN40. Valve manufactured in 316 stainless steel with PTFE seals. Fitted with Kinetrol
pneumatic actuator with spring return and ¼” BSP air inlet.


Weight 5.88 Kg
Design Pressure (MAWP) 7 Bar (101.5 PSI)
Test Pressure 15 Bar (217.5 PSI)
Design Temperature: Valve -40°C to 205°C
(-40°F to 400°F)
Kinetrol Actuator -20°C to 80°C
(-4°F to 176°F)
Ball valve approved to BS EN 14432.


1” BSP Pressure Only Minnow IBC Relief Valve

1”BSP Minnow IBC Relief Valve – 1”BSP male connection.
Suitable for a pressure range of between 1 – 45 PSI (0.07 – 3.10 Bar). Contact parts manufactured in 316 stainless steel fitted with Viton seals as standard. Complete with
PTFE tank seal. Options – combined pressure/vacuum version. Alternative seal materials available. Manual vent button option. Ventlock option. 1” BSP female connection available. 1″NPT version.


Weight 0.18 Kg
Seal Temperature Range :
Viton -20°C to +200°C
Perfluoroelastomer -15°C to +240°C
EPDM -20°C to +150°C
Silicone -20°C to +200°C
Operating Instructions available – OPIN05
Test certificates supplied as standard.
Visual inspection and service (where necessary) is
recommended on a regular basis.


3” 90° Cleanflow Footvalve

3” 90° Cleanflow Footvalve – inlet flange drilled 8 x 14mm holes equi-spaced on a 178mm PCD; outlet flange drilled 4 x 17mm holes equi-spaced on a 160mm PCD with flats milled top and bottom. Contact parts manufactured in 316 stainless steel with Fortyt O ring to main poppet as
standard. Options – different outlet flange configurations available. Alternative seal materials for poppet O ring may be fitted. Conical poppet available for solidifying cargoes. Range
of valves with extended body available. Steam heated option. Pneumatically and hydraulically actuated versions. Full range of 30°, 45° and 180° Cleanflow footvalves. Replaceable Seat version available.

3” 90° Tankstream Footvalve

3” 90° Tankstream Footvalve Options – 3” to 3” 90° footvalve assembly. Inlet flange drilled           12 x14mm holes on a 6.25” PCD. 6 inlet holes are plugged with a plastic plug. Outlet flange drilled    8 x 10.5mm holes on a 124mm PCD. Contact parts manufactured in 316 stainless steel with
Fortyt or Viton O ring. – 3” to 2” footvalve assembly version.

4” 90° Pneumatic “Sealtyt” Extended Footvalve

4” 90° Pneumatic “Sealtyt” Extended Footvalve
-inlet flange drilled 8 x 14mm holes equi-spaced on a 190mm PCD; outlet flange drilled   8 x 14mm holes equi-spaced on a 150.1mm PCD. Manufactured in 316 stainless steel with elastomer core PTFE main seal. Options-  hydraulically operated version. TW80 outlet flange drilling available. 4” to 3” option. 105° angled option.

3” Blacko Ball Valve - 3” BSP Outlet

3” Blacko Ball Valve – inlet flange drilled 6 x 14mm holes (see below) on a 168.3mm PCD; 3” BSP male outlet connection. Left hand operated with TIR facility to handle. Contact parts manufactured in 316 stainless steel with PTFE seals. Options – Right hand operation. Steam heated version


BALL007 REV04-20.04.17 Weight 15.9 Kg Design Pressure (MAWP) 7 Bar (101.5 PSI)
Hydraulic Test Pressure 10.5 Bar (152.3 PSI) Design Temperature Range -40°C to 200°C
(-40°F to 392°F) M12 bolts torque setting : 65 Nm (48 LBF FT) Approved to BS EN14432 & BS EN14025

3” Tank-Pro Road Tanker Butterfly Valve

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the road tanker industry and especially suited to chemical applications. Supplied as a complete unit requiring no extra parts to assemble the valve to the tank. The valve concept eliminates the need for the valve to be centralized when fitting to the tank, thus avoiding potential valve damage and/or leakage. Optional 3/8”BSP port integral to the valve body allows for a purge or sampling facility. Clean valve internal lines reduces the risk of contamination between successive cargoes. Eccentric outlet facilitates full self-draining. Simple maintenance procedure with all internal mechanism and seals common to the standard Fort Vale 3” butterfly valve, thus reducing the required stock of spare parts. Lockable handle with TIR facility as standard to meet ADR requirements. A removable square drive key is included with each valve.


Weight 6.07 Kgs
Design Pressure 6 Bar (87 PSI)
Body Hydraulic Test Pressure 10 Bar (145 PSI)
Design Temperature -40°C to 200°C
(-40°F to 392°F)
Lloyds Register of Shipping Design Appraisal document
number DCF9376/1. Approved to BS EN14432.
Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer Approval number VLG