Bottom Loading (API) Adaptor is the accessory which ensures the safe connection of the Road Tanker with the loading station and is also the intermediate closure between the stored fuel and the environment. The KFE has the adaptor SK10600 which is designed and constructed to exceed the requirements of the European standard EN13308. The adaptor SK10600 has simple and reliable construction of quality materials thus ensuring long service and easy maintenance. Available in variants with and without actuator handle as with the presence or non-presence of sight glass.

KFE has Bottom Loading Adaptors under API standardization and EN13308. It is distinguished by its simple and reliable construction which ensures trouble free operation and simple maintenance. There are variations with and without handle and with and without visual level indicator. They are supplied with protective cover K2.

SK10600 - API Adaptor for Bottom Loading & Unloading

Product Description

Based on the experience of KALYMNOS in producing liquid fuel transport equipment, the SK10600 API adaptor, covers the demands of the EN13083:2001 European Standard and offers unrivalled safety and operational features.
– Robust Construction of the shell made of hardened aluminium alloy tested for shell strength at 25 bar.

– TTMA 4” Flange 8 bold fixing for secure fastening.

– Two Stage fixed metallic lever gives extra long service life and offer excellent durability.

– Conforms to European Standard EN 13083:2001+A1:2013 and API RP 1004:2003 for total compatibility with API couplers.

– Viton Seals are standard for problem free service with high octane unleaded petrol and additives.

– Hydrodynamic internal design minimizes pressure drop for high flow rates and minimizes unloading cycle.

– Sight Glass for positive fuel level identification.

– Stainless Steel internal parts for durability.

Technical Data

MWP: 500 kPa
Maximum Flow Rate: 2500 lt/min
Test Pressure: 775 kPa
Adaptor Weight: 4.8 kgr


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Video Data

Technical Drawings
SK10600 Design View