kalymnos-historyKalymnos was founded on 1975 by Savvas I. Kalymnos based on a dream an an inspiration on supplying quality solutions on engineering challenges. The company quickly grew anf soon was focused on the demanding sector of fuel handling equipment. Kalymnos camlock couplings range was launched and it remains still today a synonym of quality and durability. Producing the first tank components in the early 90′s the new ADR era provided a challenge that would push the company quickly forward. Export activities arrived by the new decade and since the 2002 the company moves steadily on expanding the sales network establishing long lasting commercial partnerships.


Kalymnos Fuel Engineering is the answer to all contingencies in its sector providing a wide range of services and products. It is equally active in the sectors of production and commerce, both within the country and beyond in the wider region of the Balkans and the Mediterranean.

On the production level Kalymnos Fuel Engineering spans the whole range of mechanical equipment for liquid fuel tank trucks.

In fact, it possesses its own production line for the following products:

Systems for manhole covers and vapour recovery

– Emergency valves

– Bottom loading and unloading equipment – plus delivery

– Standard components for tanks

– Pneumatic automation systems for liquid fuel tanker trucks

– Tank prouvers

All products are certified in line with international regulations and fully conform to European standards. Strict controls are carried out during the entire production process, while a complete technical service is available for the finished product, supporting it in all stages of its installation, use and maintenance.

In addition, within the range of activity of Kalymnos Fuel Engineering are included the following:
– Tank truck electrical equipment, overfill prevention systems
– Tank truck equipment for vehicles transporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), chemicals and goods tank containers
– Tank truck hose systems for applications such as:
– Transportation of liquid fuels, LPG, chemicals and foods
– Road and rail applications
– Ship to Shore and Ship to Ship (bunkering) applications
– Equipment for measuring, fire protection and fire fighting
– Mechanical and electrical equipment for fuel storage installations
– Health and safety equipment for crews in vehicles carrying high-risk loads Studies and supervision of tasks involving machinery in facilities for the storage and transportation of fuels

Liquid fuel hose systems for applications such as:

– Transportation of liquid fuels, LPG, chemicals and foods

– Road and rail applications

– Ship to Shore and Ship to Ship (bunkering) applications


Kalymnos Fuel Engineering is moving ahead guided by developments in the sector. Its vision is to continue a dynamic course, acquiring new levels of know-how and improving its products.

At a time of constantly shifting realities and in a specialist sector with very singular demands, the company is evolving at an even and steady pace, its sights set on achieving long-term relationships of trust with its collaborators and clients.

At the same time, Kalymnos Fuel Engineering remains focused on the concept of a seamless provision of services enabling it to honour its initial commitment: a commitment to technical integrity and effective solutions of certified quality.

Our Customers Speak

I’m really proud for having “Kalymnos Fuel Engineering” as a partner. They are really fast and curious for my needs!

George Kim
Sales & Marketing, Beiked Ltd.

I really appreciate that Kalymnos Fuel support us for more than 5 years!

Nikola Kindergau
Chairman, Fuels & More

I like them. Kalymnos Engineers go more far than i imagine.

Koren Humlau
Chief Officer, Brek International

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