For the operation of the mechanical footvalves KFE manufactures mechanical controls for tanks with 1 to 6 apartments. Mechanical controls KFE are robust in construction and feature integrated melting link for the automatic sealing of the tank compartments in case of fire.

SK21030 - 3 Compartment Bottom Valve Operator

Product Description

Simple and robust construction gives to the SK 21.030 Bottom Valve Operator the benefit for a long life service. Incorporated safety features ensure maximum safety during product discharge.

– Fusible link will operate and shut down the system in case of fire.

– Manual Shut Down in case of emergency is available as a standard feature.

– CNC Laser Cut components of the operator for assured dimensional accuracy.

– Durable construction from galvanized mild steel.

– Full Range from one to six Bottom Valves available.

Technical Data

Number of Compartments: 1 to 6
Operator Weight: 2 kg


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