Required to use every connection and transport of fuel, the KFE offers a full range of quick couplings most prevalent types: Camlock, Tankwagen, Storz, and Guillemin from the most reliable manufacturing firms. Whatever is your application, the KFE guarantees that can supply you with the appropriate coupling in the quality you need. Furthermore we offer the most hardened Kalymnos Camlock Couplings. The Kalymnos camlock is recognized by the Greek market as the most reliable and quality fitting available today and is able to offer a long and reliable solution for the professional operator.

KALIMNOS camlock couplings have the following features :
• Nominal size : 3/4” to 4”
• Material of construction : aluminum, bronze, ss
• Material of handles : bronze
• Designed in accordance with MIL – C -27487
• Durable construction for best performance in every day use
• Easy and assured locking, every camlock is tested for its locking and unlocking
• Stainless steel rings
• There is big variety in cross sizes (1” – 2”, 3” – 1 ½” etc) depending on customers needs.
• Full support on spare parts

The fittings together with the hose create the hose assembly. Choosing the right type and most importantly the right way fitting for the pipe requires knowledge experience and training. The KFE has all the above and can offer its partners the right solution for every application simple or more complex.

New products coming soon

The last component in the long chain of delivery, the nozzle is the one that will ensure fast and safe delivery of the product, in cooperation with the firm ELAFLEX we have the top German products delivered simultaneously with the reliable and most economical KALYMNOS solutions. Regardless if the product you want to deliver we can offer you the appropriate Nozzle. Also we have available a selection of quality made delivery elbows which we offer guaranteed for proper working.


KALYMNOS product delivery elbows are designed to work with fill adaptor on the service station storage tank. It has the following features:
• 3” camlock adaptor for connection with the discharge hose
• Strong aluminum construction
• Copper sealing mechanism with handle for one – hand.
• Sight glass
• Currying handle


KALIMNOS nozzles have the following features :
• Nominal size : 1”, 1½”
• Material of construction :aluminum alloy
• Υλικό καπακιού : Ζάμα
• Connections : female thread
• The handle of the nozzle has STOP place for continues flow
• Two stage valve for better control
• Big variety on spouts
Accessories for KALIMNOS nozzles :
• – Swivels simple or rotating