Scully five-wire optic sensors are designed for liquid petroleum product overfill prevention and point level detection. They are designed to be used with Scully Intellitrol® and ST-35C series gantry control monitors. There is no waiting for the control monitors’ permit light to go on because the sensor requires no warm up time. The sensors can also be used with Scully Intellicheck® or Scully ONBOARD monitor.

Scully Sensor - Five-Wire Optic Sensor | Liquid Level Sensor for Road Tanker Overfill Prevention

Product Description

Scully five-wire optic sensors are purpose-built for liquid petroleum product overfill prevention and point level detection.

They are designed to be used with the Scully Intellitrol® and ST-35C series gantry control monitors. The sensors can also be used with the Scully IntelliCheck® II Monitor or Scully Load Anywhere® Truck Monitor. There is no waiting for the control monitors’ permit light to go on because the sensor
requires no warm up time. Overfill prevention applications include road tankers, rail cars and storage tanks.

The five-wire optic sensor is a critical component in Scully’s unique and patented Dynacheck circuit design. When used in conjunction with Scully
electronic monitoring equipment, our overfill protection sensor will provide consistent failsafe monitoring. By constantly checking a “closed loop”
pulsing signal across the entire system, Scully ensures a safe and reliable loading operation. If rising fuel contacts the sensor, this signal is interrupted and
the controlling pumps and valves are shutdown. No operator involvement is needed to end the loading operation.

Technical Data

– Maximum safety with Dynacheck—Automatic and continuous self-checking circuitry when used with Scully electronic rack and vehicle onboard monitoring systems.
– Scully’s field-proven electro-optics technology.
– Wide Temperature Range.
– Adjustable Sensing Level.
– Instant-On™— Instant permissive signal. No warmup time required.
- Quick purging of liquid—”fast” repermit as product level drops below the sensing point.
– Fully compatible with all Scully optic controllers.
– ATEX approvals per directive 94/9/EC.


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Technical Drawings
Scully Sensor Principle of Overfill Prevention

Scully supplies a full range for optic sockets for connecting the tank truck to the loading rack. There are available 6-pin and 10pin variants and optional pressure switch pre installed. For special application or verification of your socket type you need specify the country and/or plug type at your loading gantry.

Scully Sockets - Truck Mounted Overfill Prevention System Connectors

Product Description

Scully Sockets are part of a complete vehicle mounted overfill prevention and grounding system. With over 90% of loading racks
using Scully Overfill Prevention Control Systems, Scully sockets offer you the compatibility you need at any terminal. The style of the plug at
each facility that your vehicles load at should be considered to ensure a compatible connection. Truck-mounted, they connect to the Scully
Sensors or IntelliCheck® onboard monitor and the terminal loading rack overfill monitor via the terminal plug. With durable construction
and stainless steel contact pins, they are made to withstand harsh weather and road conditions.

– Designs which meet API (American Petroleum Institute) standards for optic and thermistor systems.
– Compatible with Scully loading rack overfillprevention controls- the #1 choice worldwide.
– Socket styles for compatibility with all loading rack plug styles.
– Durable construction to withstand the rigors of road travel.
– Stainless steel contact pins for long-lasting performance.
– Easy gripping vinyl protective cap included.
– Internal mounting holds and M20 X 1.5 threaded conduit entry holes for ease and flexibility during installation.

Technical Data

Socket body: Die cast zinc
Housing: Zinc/aluminum alloy
Insulator: Glass filled polycarbonate
Dust cap: Molded vinyl

Conduit Entry
Two M20 X 1.5 threaded entry holes

Scull style stainless steel SAE J560 style: zinc plated brass

Provided by screw terminals

Refer to diagram

2.2 kg (.4.8 lbs.)


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Video Data

Technical Drawings
All Dimensions in Centimeters

IntelliCheck®2 is Scully’s latest design for vehicles overfill prevention. It continues to provide the ultimate in safety, dependability and reliability. Intellicheck features Dynacheck® Scully’s automatic and continuous self-checking design that monitors not only the IntelliCheck2 system, but each integral part of the system for proper operation. IntelliCheck®2 is monitoring the overfill as well the bottom sensor and does not give permissive signal unless the compartment so thoroughly empty.

Scully Signal Company is an engineering and manufacturing company established in 1936. With customers like BP, Exxon/Mobil, Delta Airlines, and Union Pacific, Scully is a brand name in the transport and storage of petroleum and liquid chemicals. Scully’s core systems include, but are not limited to, overfill prevention, retained product monitoring, vehicle grounding, level alert notification, and vehicle to terminal communications. KFE is working close with Scully for supplying Electronic Equipment to the demanding petroleum tanker operators.

Scully Universal Truck Tester

Product Description

The Scully Universal Truck Tester is the most advanced and comprehensive truck tester available. It checks the operation of tank truck overfill prevention, and self-proving grounding systems. Complete diagnostics limit the expense of downtime. The tester is compatible with Scully Intellicheck® Load Anywhere®, and independent Scully optic and thermister tank truck sensors.

HLCO Accessories

Product Description

Additionally to the basic equipment a number of accessories is available to cover your needs. Optic Cable, Scully Ground Bolt and Ground Ball as well as complete spare parts availability.