Research & Development

R & D
R & D

Testing and developing of new products is essential being able to be on the edge. kalymnos Fuel Engineering has a fully developed and equipped laboratory where new designs are tested to the limits before they move on to production. We are learning by our failures and we constantly try to get as more feedback as possible from the usage of our equipment. This hard earned knowledge is applied for improving our products.

Type Approval

Type Approval Tests

Our ADR approved equipment is subjected to a series of Type Approval tests in order to meet the requirements of the latest EN standards. Extreme temperature and pressure testing as well endurance testing will guarantee that a Kalymnos Fuel Equipment product will always be there to do the job reliably and silently. Currently our ADR service equipment for road tanker of class 3 product range complies with ADR2013 Chap. Harmonized EN Standards.

• ΕΝ13317 Manhole Cover Assembly
• ΕΝ13314 Fill Hole Cover
• ΕΝ14596 Emergency Pressure Relief Valve
• ΕΝ14595 Pressure & Vacuum Breather Vent
• ΕΝ13308 Non Pressure Balanced Foot Valve
• ΕΝ13082 Vapour Transfer Valve
• ΕΝ13083 Bottom Loading Adaptor
• ΕΝ13081 Vapour Recovery Adaptor

Production Control

The Production Control Lab

Along with the strict preproduction type testing KALYMNOS has a quality program of 100% quality control on all ADR approved equipment, by this way you are always 100% sure that when you install a KALYMNOS equipment it will get the job done safely and efficiently. Additionally on demand we can offer a Batch Certificate according to EN10204.


Kalymnos Fuel Engineering is working closely with MIRTEC S.A. and ESYD accredited certification body for monitoring the quality control program, for this reason is one of the brands on ADR equipment that is supplying its customers not only with Type Approval certification but also with Annual Conformity to Type Certificates proving the commitment of the brand to the quality of its Products.

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